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Look Great

Would you like to be immersed into the glamorous world of beauty? Having fun, meeting new people, sharing beauty advice and discovering fabulous new products.

Starting out with Oriflame gives you this opportunity. Oriflame offers beauty inspired by dreams, created in Sweden.

Beauty is much more than just cosmetics. It helps you look great and feel great from the inside out with products ranging from nutritional supplements to a beautiful array of fantastic cosmetic products.

Every year, Oriflame releases hundreds of new beauty and wellness products. And every month, you’ll see a new catalogue packed with the latest fashion trends, scientific skincare innovations, and fantastic offers. Every year, Oriflame releases hundreds of new beauty and wellness products.

By understanding people’s dreams, we are inspired to create more attractive products and a shopping experience even more relevant to you. Everyone dreams, that is why we have such a wide portfolio with hundreds of new products every year for all ages and all needs. Shopping with Oriflame is always fun and easy.

Oriflame’s beauty products are created in Sweden. Our commitment to innovation, safety, and high quality set our products apart in the beauty industry.
The Oriflame opportunity puts your dreams within your reach with no risk and exceptional rewards.

Make Money

From earning some extra money to building a real business of your own. You decide how far you progress and the type of lifestyle you achieve. There are even opportunities to travel worldwide, attend beauty conferences, and earn rewards. It all starts with one simple step, joining Oriflame.

Do you dream of having your own successful business?

Do you dream of having an income that allows you to spend more time socially with your friends and family? Have you got the desire to achieve a lifestyle of freedom, luxury, rewards and professional recognition? From earning some extra money to building a high profile career, You decide how far you progress and the type of lifestyle you achieve. It all starts with one simple step, joining Oriflame.

There are 3 main ways to Earn Money in Oriflame :
1. Savings done by buying products on discounts for self & family use.
2. Recommend products to your friends & relatives & earn the profit & gifts.
3. Make unlimited income by inviting Friends and Family to Join You and Make Money Together

Let’s understand Each Way of Earning Money with Oriflame

  1. The First way of Earning Money with Oriflame is, When You will join us as a Consultant, You can Save Money while buying each Oriflame Products at Discount,over and above catlog prices. Sounds Interesting? Yes, this is great idea to be a consultant for self use. You will get huge discounts on each product. By doing this, You can also avail Some Exclusive Gifts on very nominal prices too. Contact us Further and we will guide you how to get Oriflame Products on discounts.
  2. Second way of earning with Oriflame is, Showing Catalogue to Your Friends, Relatives, Colleagues and Neighbours. Whatever Oriflame Products they will order from You, You will make 25% immediate Profit. Sounds More Interesting? Let me explain you with Example. Let’s say, you will Show Oriflame Catalogue to 5 People and You will receive Order of 5000 Rs. You will collect 5000 Rs from them, but you need to pay only 4000 Rs to Oriflame Company. 1000 Rs will be your immediate Profit. This way you can earn more and more. If this option suits you best, Contact us below and we will Guide You further.
  3. Third Way of earning money is Building Small Teams to work with you.Your Friends, relatives, neighbours and colleges can Join You as a team and you can earn more money from their Sales too. Interested to know more about this path? Let me explain you this with an example too.
  • Let’s start by Inviting Five Friends to Join ,If you yourself & all of Them place a 100BP order in a month, you earn around Rs.1000 as your monthly income,
  • Now if you support these 5 to bring 5 friends each & duplicate you, your Team will be you + 5 + 25 = 31 consultants, and if all of them place order of 100BP, Your 5 recruits earn same as you did, approx Rs.1000 but you will earn about Rs.6000.
  • Now If your 5 recruit again duplicate you & help their 5 friends to further bring 5 friends each your team size would be You+5+25+125=156, And if even 100 of this team places an average order of 100BP your earning would be around Rs.35000 or Yearly around 4Lakh+.

So in short as you help your team members to earn more your earnings also increases, this is the beauty of this business, and as your team grows, you earn more and more every month.
And The Good News is, you can earn Money with Oriflame in all 3 Ways together! Yes, and we will Train and support you in how to start your business and How to fulfil all Your Dreams with Oriflame.

The Oriflame opportunity puts your dreams within your reach with no risk and exceptional rewards. JOIN NOW!

Have Fun!

As an Oriflame consultant you have the opportunity to meet other beauty and business interested people just like yourself. You can get advice and support from consultants who have already established their businesses and that are now coaching and training others to become successful. Learning about the latest beauty trends in a fun and friendly social environment as well as attending trainings on developing your professional skills all adds to your personal growth.


Traveling the world is one of the most common dreams people have. Reaching the success with Oriflame, you will have a chance to travel up to three times per year to exotic places attending International conferences. The level of your success defines the number of conferences you will attend and the possibility to take your family members with you for free. Throughout the year, there are a number of opportunities to attend fun and exciting seminars, events and parties.


To know everything about Oriflame Products, Our Team, Network, Trainings and Foreign Trips Contact us on 9565399996 or Mail Us on or fill your details in Contact us section

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