About Manisha & Vivek Mishra

Manisha & Vivek Mishra are young & dynamic entrepreneurs. Both of them have quit their jobs to be their own boss. They were awarded as the Fastest Growing Leader in India #3 for 2017-18. Both of them have a rich and vast experience in MNC’s & in totality 18+ years of experience in this business. Currently, they are leading a team of more than 8000+ people. With their rich & diverse experience, they are able to create new leaders with strong growth. They implement simple processes to work & get success in this business, increased income & a secure future.


I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”  — Albert Einstein

Jaya Chandwani
She belongs to a very small town in U.P., joined as a self-user to just remove her dark spots & now she is a proud business leader & an Independent Director. She purchased her family's first car by her own income. Her fighting spirit is her biggest strength.
Satya Goel
Once a typical housewife from a business family is now a Business Leader & an Independent Director., she was able to give good education to her children while managing her business, today her daughter is an IPS Officer & son is a gazetted officer in High court, while children are advancing in their careers, she is also in her. She also purchased her family's first car by her own income. Her discipline in work & life is her biggest strength.
Raveena Bajaj
She did many works before joining this business opportunity but found the perfect culture & strength in our Success Plan. Qualified conferences with her team. She is now able to support her family financially for her daughter's higher education.Today she is an inspiration for thousands of ladies in her city.
Seema Srivastava
Once a teacher is now a business leader & an Independent Director with us. She was looking for an identity & got it in our business, qualified several conferences. She is a good learner.
  • "Age wrinkles the body, Quitting wrinkles the soul."
  • "You Live Only Once, but, if you Live it Right, Once is Enough."
  • "If you don't build your Dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs! "
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